Mosonmagyaróvár - our old small town

Mosonmagyaróvár is situated at the join up of the River Mosoni Danube with the River Lajta, 10 kms from the Austrian and the Slovakian border.

On the Deák square the statue of St. John of Nepomuk from 1744 can be found, which is one of the most considerable baroque statues of our town.

You can reach the historical castle surrounded by the branches of the Lajta and the castle moat through an arched stone bridge and a tunnel-like gate-building from the 15th century, where you can find Gothic sedentary niches and commemorative plaques from the Roman times and the 19th and 20th century. The Faculty of agronomy of the University of West-Hungary is located here in the castle. In the castle yard we find the half statue and the commemorative stone bench of the Austrian poet, Nicolaus Lenau.

Who likes wonderful restored old buildings should go for a stroll on Magyar utca (Hungarian Street)! Here you can find the neo-gotic church.

Going past the hospital of the town we get to the Hanság museum. In front of it the Monument of 1848 can be found.

The ’island’ of Szigetköz, which is surrounded by the Mosoni Danube and the great Danube is the largest island-world in our country.


Our dental surgery is situated directly in the centre of town (old part of the town). In our vicinity (about 50 m) you can find the thermal bath and the swimming pool (with one of the best medicinal watersprings in Europe)


The following sights are available within two hours by the car:

  • Budapest (approx. 160 Km)Balaton (approx. 100 Km)
  • Balaton (approx. 100 Km)
  • Bratislava (approx. 40 Km)
  • Wien (approx. 80 Km)
  • Neusiedlesee (approx. 50 Km)

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