Legal declaration

Legal declaration regarding self-operated websites

The present website (with the exception of the external websites, accessible via hyperlinks) is managed by the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd (location: 11 Régi vámház square, 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, commercial register number: 08-09-007974, tax number: 11778987-2-08).


By opening the website you accept, that the present legal declaration obliges you. In case you disagree with the provisions of the declaration, do not use the website, neither the accessible services.


The website is considered as copyrighted work. You have the right to print individual parts of the website or to save these on your hard disk, to share them with other people provided that you do this only for informational purposes.

All the copies which you make (except the version of the website saved on your hard disk), have to contain the following copyrighted declaration: Copyright © 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd, All rights reserved.

Without the previous approval of the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd, as the author the copy (except for informational purposes), the reproduction, publication in front of audience, (for example for trading purposes), and/or disparagement of the whole or parts of the website, its use, application, processing, sale is prohibited.

Without the previous written approval it is forbidden to modify the website (or any parts of it), or to incorporate it into any other work, for instance into a printed document, blog or to cite it on any other website.

The reader, user of the website takes notice of the fact that in case of usage without permission, the author is obliged to a contractual penalty. The amount of the penalty is gross 25,000.- HUF per sentence and/or picture and/or video. The reader, user of the website takes notice of the fact, that this contractual penalty provision is not exaggerated and the reader uses the website in line with this provision. In case of the breach of the copyright the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd applies a notarial fact certification, which amount has to be paid by the illegally acting user, as well.


The content of the website has been compiled by the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd as carefully as possible, it serves only for informative purposes and can be modified according to the decision of the 4 Diamant Dent Kft. / Ltd.

The 4 Diamant Dent Kft. / Ltd assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and perfection, correctness, currency of the website, neither for its interruption-free and error-free operation.

The 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd excludes liability for the usage of the website by you and/or for those as a result of the usage directly and/or indirectly caused damage, including but not limited to the following damage caused by:

  • any of your activity, which is carried out as a result of the published information, data or services on the website;
  • the impossibility of use of the website;
  • inaccuracy, deficiency or out-of-date status of the information stated on the website.

The restrictions given in the preceding paragraphs are not valid if the damage, death or personal damage occurs due to intentional action, failure or gross negligence of the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd.


The hyperlinks (links) found on the website serve for the easier accessibility and none of the indication of the hyperlinks means the consent of the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd to the contents of the websites reachable via the hyperlinks. The 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd assumes no liability for the content of the websites accessible via those links, neither for the links found there. The use of the dates and information accessible on these websites and hyperlinks is at the users own risk

Embedded technologies

The website uses embedded play technologies (for example: youtube). By using the website you accept the terms of use of the website. Because the website uses embedded technologies, you also accept the terms of use of the embedded technologies (in case of youtube: ).

Submitted information

In compliance with the provisions of Act No. CXII of the year 2011 (info. act), Act No. XLVIII of the year 2008 (Grt. act) and other regulations, in case you send any information or material – except personal data or exceptional data -  to the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd, you give your consent that the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd is authorised to use this information and materials for marketing and other purposes free of charge and by sending these data you also confirm, that the use does not infringe the rights of others.

The parts of the website, where those information sent by the users are published, and the sent information are not reviewed, checked by the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd, the company excludes its liability for such information.

Data protection

Regarding the data protection and data management you can obtain information under the following link:



If you have any questions or complaints in connection with the website, you can contact the 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd under the following availabilities:

E-mail address:, telephone number +36 96 579 067.

Name:  ErdSoft doo
Location: Srbija, 24000 Subotica, Luja Pastera 5
Matični broj: 21354619
PIB: 110478829
Tel.:+381 60 44 60 555
E-mail address:
CRN. / Matični broj: 21354619
VAT number / PIB: 110478829

Other provisions

The 4 Diamant-Dent Kft./GmbH reserves the right to change or expand the present legal declaration without prior notice. Regarding the present legal declaration and the use of the website Hungarian law shall be authoritative.

Concluded: on 1st November 2018

Szalay Ivett
managing director
4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd


Determination of data processors and other partners

Annex No. 1 of the internal data protection regulations of the

Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute

Determination of data processors and other partners

With reference to the provisions of the Internal data protection regulation, the data manager informs the Concerned, that the

  • data manager’s commissioned data processor regarding accounting- and payroll tasks is:

Name: Molnár und Bányai Kft./Ltd
Registered office: 3-5, 3/25 Bécsi Street, 1023 Budapest,
Tax number: 12351712-2-41
Commercial register number: 0109668373
Represented by:  Molnár Barna

  • the commissioned data processor regarding memory space service tasks is:

Name:  ErdSoft doo
Registered office: Srbija, 24000 Subotica, Luja Pastera 5
Matični broj: 21354619
PIB: 110478829
Tel.:+381 60 44 60 555
CRN. / Matični broj: 21354619
VAT number / PIB: 110478829

  • commissioned data processor regarding health suitability examinations is:

Name: Karolina hospital - polyclinic
Location: 2-4 Régi Vámház square, 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár
Tax number: 15367417-2-08
Represented by: Dr. Romóczi Natasa

  • the commissioned data processor regarding fire protection and occupational safety training is:

Name: Nagy Sándor
Location: 10 Édes Street, 1039 Budapest
Represented by: Nagy Sándor

With reference to the data protection and data security regulations the data manager informs the Concerned, that the data manager’s contractual dental laboratory partner is:

Partner’s name: Er-Technik Dentál Kft/Ltd
Address: 6 Ijfúság Street, 7741 Nagykozár
Tax number: 22226594-2-02

Date: 1st November 2018

Szalay Ivett
managing director
4 Diamant-Dent Kft./Ltd

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