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Schulz Manuela

Germany After my friend's recommendation, I contacted the clinic and arranged a comprehensive treatment. After all my teeth had to be removed because of periodontitis, I got implants and bridges in the upper and lawer jaws. I am more than satisfied with the result and can recommend the clinic from the heart.

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Cordeyro Celia
Dentist: Dr. Bács Klára


Thanks to Dr. Klára Bács, I do not have to be ashamed of my teeth anymore. She treated me with a lot of patience and gave me a wonderful smile and a much better quality of life. I am very satisfied and can only recommend the clinic.

14-20170626085652-5950b034086ba-crodeyro-celia-3-20170623-113026.jpg 14-20170626085652-5950b0342813f-crodeyro-celia-4-20170623-113025.jpg
Dagga Michael


It was my best decision to have gone to a dental treatment in the Diamant-Dent. After the completion of the treatment, I have not only recovered my smile, but also my self-confidence. Many thanks to all the staff at the Diamant Dent Dental Clinic for the success.

15-20170626085718-5950b04e257ef-dagga-michael-1-20170623-113031.jpg 15-20170626085718-5950b04e35457-dagga-michael-2-20170623-113027.jpg
Winkler Sabine

After my colleague’s recommendation, I decided to make my orthodontic treatment in Diamant- Dent Clinic, with Mr. Dr. Altay. After 1,5 years, I have a wonderful smile, again. I had to visit the clinic each months and I’m really satisfied with the whole treatment. I can recommend the clinic for everybody.

16-20180215090051-5a853e33ef6cb-renner-sylvia-elotte-7.jpg 16-20180215090052-5a853e3434bf9-renner-sylvia-utana-1.jpg
Tobias Wissinger
17-20180215134809-5a858189349e5-1.jpg 17-20180215134809-5a8581896ac26-7.jpg
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