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Why would you just choose Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute in Hungary?
Why in Hungary?

Taking some doubt into consideration, like the level of service and the quality of materials, many patients are afraid of bringing himself to have dental treatment abroad.

In order to provide their domestic market there are also some further negative opinion-shapers.

With reference to unqualified Hungarian experts and sub-equipped consulting rooms, in many cases it's the doctor who makes the patient, having enquired to the Hungarian dental treatments, insecure.

The reason why patients choose Hungary for their dental treatment can be explained in two different ways.

On the one hand, Hungarian dentistry has been acknowledged for decades. There are outstandingly well-trained dentists, who update their knowledge through continuous further education, in order to provide their patients dentistry of the highest level.

According to a recent survey, published in a prestigious international newspaper, the level of the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest is pretty much the same as the level of the Harvard and Cambridge Univetsities.

Moreover the Hungarian market of dental materials and machines has already been taken over and improved by such American, Germain and Swedish companies like 3M Espe, Nobel Biocare, Degussa, KAVO, etc.

On the other hand the patients can save a considerable part of the costs of the treatment. Our central idea was to create a highly qualified and competent team, which works in a modern equipped clinic, with excellent materials of high quality, but at reasonable prices, so that our patients gladly pay us a visit any time.

Why the Diamant-Dent?

Because in the private consulting rooms of our dental clinic great emphasis is put on aesthetic dental treatments, implantology and orthodontics, which provides you and your family safety and quality under the same roof.

Because in our dental clinic we have been dealing with aesthetic treatments and operative dentistry since 1999 thus we have more than 12-year-old dental experience.

Because our dental clinic uses world wild - known and recognized materials exclusively, such as 3M Espe, Nobel Biocare, Degussa, KAVO, Replace, Oraltronics etc.

Because our dental clinic does not only cooperate with a highly-qualified and practised team, using modern aparates and good quality materials in a pleasant surrounding, but also we can provide reasonable prices in order to our patients' pleasure at all time.

Because not only does our dental clinic take your satisfaction of your smile into consideration but being well-daring the whole treatment as well.

  • Entire and professional enlightenment
  • Free taxi transport and own hotel
  • Free hotline number
  • Modern communication of information and modern dental units such as digital X-ray, 3D CT and camera which can provide a perfect visual picture of your teeth.
  • Analgetic anaesthesia without any pinprick by Wand Plus
Do the health insurance institutions accept the treatments in Hungary?

Yes, they approve the health and cost plan drawn up in Hungary, and take over the costs of the dental treatment.

What else can you do in Hungary beside the dental treatment?

You can perfectly relax in Mr & Miss Beauty and in our wellness room. But if someone prefers active relaxation, there are many free time activities organized by our clinic. We also would like to draw your attention to our Diamant Hotel****Superior Conference, Spa & Family Resort on the riverside Danube 10 km far from our Institutes.

How should an appointment be made?

The required appointments and pick-up service can be booked either by telephone or by E-mail, so we can also give detailed information about the course of the dental treatment.

What about the guarantee?

Due to the excellent quality of our materials and our modern treatment-methods we can offer our patients a warranty in accordance with EU rules and regulations or longer.

Crowns, bridges 3 years
Inlays, onlays 3 years
Veneers 3 years
Aesthetic fillings 2 years
(full and partial dentures, supraconstructions)
2 years
Ot-Cap, Preci, copulative element 1 year
Plastic tooth (loss of plastic tooth) 1 year
Temporary denture 2 months

Further information can be found on our website under Guarantee.

What about accommodation?

There are comfortably furnished rooms at the Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute and Hotel for our dear guests.
For more details please visit our hotel!

Do you have any further questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact our expert team for your inquiry!
Free number (from A, D, CH, NL, GB, IRL, F, I, B) 0080044556677

For any other country please call: +3696579067
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