Inlays - alternative for amalgam

Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute is one of the best dental clinics in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary for inlays and teeth renovation. With ceramic fillings like inlays of all ceramic, it is possible to renovate a tooth almost in an invisible way, since the advantages of a ceramic inlay lie especially in the optics like in the case of ceramic crowns. An inlay is a dental filling fabricated by a dental technician and cemented or pasted into your tooth. In the laboratory of Diamant-Dent Dental Clinic inlays are produced by the extremely precise CAD/CAM-Technology. Inlays can be used Instead of old fillings, in particular when a relatively big part of the tooth substance is broken out or due to caries is damaged. Prior to insertion, the tooth affected has to be prepared. The tooth is bored such as for a filling, but not so deep. The dentist takes an impression, so that the dental technician could make the inlays in the dental laboratory custom-fit and matches its colour to natural teeth. When the inlay is ready, the dentist closes the hole with it. inlays offer significant advantages in terms of durability, safety, functionality and aesthetics against fillings. Custom-made inlaysrequire - regardless of what material is used - great precision by the dentist.

An inlay is a durable dental filling or insert filling as an alternative for conventional dental filling. Inlays cannot be processed in the mouth and are usually more durable than plastic fillings are. Inlays can be made of metal, ceramic or plastic and are the most sophisticated way to replace the missing tooth structure after tooth wear and ceramic inlays are virtually invisible. If the tooth is ground down, an impression is made before the inlay is fixed into its place.

An inlay can be made of various materials, such as ceramic, gold or gradia.

Ceramic Inlay
Ceramic inlay has decisive advantages over other materials. It is much more inconspicuous, translucent and adapts to the tooth perfectly in both color and texture. In addition, ceramic Inlays have a significantly longer lifespan compared to other types of dental fillings. A ceramic inlay (also called porcelain inlay) is therefore ideally suited for high-quality repairs to a tooth.


Gold Inlay
made of gold are very durable and the material is well tolerated since few people are allergic to gold. Pure gold is too soft, thus gold is usually alloyed with platinum to prepare the inlay. Large caries defects can be renovated with golden Inlays as well, as they maintain position.


Plastic Inlay
A plastic inlay as an inlay filling is reasonably priced compared to a gold inlay or a ceramic inlay because of much lower production costs that can be an advantage. There is no aesthetic drawback in the mouth or only after several years. Plastic inlays are like ceramic inlays in their color and can be easily manufactured, thus plastic inlays offer an alternative to much more expensive ceramic inlays.


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