Painless anesthesia

Ambulatory anaesthesia


Most dental treatments can be done without pain with recent technologies and anaesthetic methods. However, some people do not want to sense anything during the treatments.

Intravenous sedation means a good solution for such people. In case of intravenous sedation, patients are in twilight sleep and free of stress thanks to the intravenous narcotic.

With the use of intravenous sedation patients feel the time shorter than the real treatment span is, so it is an ideal help in case of more complicated and longer treatments.

Our dental clinic is well equipped and bears the needed personnel to execute such sedation. With the help of this new method, we can help our patients to avoid stress situations during dental treatments.

We offer intravenous sedation in the following cases:

  •     for patients who are afraid of dental treatments
  •     in case of implantation
  •     in case of other surgical treatments
  •     for patients who have stronger gag reflex

You have to pay attention to the followings before and after sedation:

For the maximum safety of our patients, they are not allowed to eat 5 hours before or drink (water) 2 hours before the treatment. Under sedation consciousness and alertness are weak, so both swallowing and cough reflex can change. After the procedure, depending on the treatment, sedation, period and state of your health, you will be monitored in the clinic. You are allowed to go home or to your accommodation only if, you are in an acceptable condition and with an accompanying person. It is not recommended to drive or to make an important decision within the next 24 hours.

In any case, it is decided after the preliminary consultation by the anesthesiologist - naturally depending on the health condition of the patient - whether the given dental treatment can be performed under intravenous sedation or not. Although patients with high blood pressure or other chronic diseases have an opportunity to be treated under sedation. Children and pregnant women are not treated under ambulatory anesthesia.

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