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Legal notice

This website (except for the external websites, available through the hyperlinks) is operated by 4 Diamant - Dent Ltd. (head office: H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Régi Vámház Square 11., company registration number: 08-09-007974, tax number: 11778987-2-08).


By entering this website, you agree to that this legal notice is binding to you. If you do not agree with the content of this notice, do not use this website or the service available through it.


This website is considered a copyright-protected work. You have the right to print some parts of the website or download it to a hard disk and share it with other people, provided it is for information purposes only.

All copies made by you (except for the version of this website saved on your hard drive) must include the following copyright statement: Copyright © 4 Diamant- Dent Ltd. All rights reserved.

Without the prior written approval and consent of Móricz Dental Ltd. as author, it is forbidden to partly or entirely copy, duplicate, re-publicize and/or distort, truncate, use or process, rework or sell any part of the website, for any other than informational purposes (e.g. for commercial purposes).

It is forbidden to modify the website (or any part thereof) without a prior written approval, or to include it in any other work, as an exemplary listing in a printed document, blog, own or third party's website.

The reader and user of the website acknowledges that, in the case of unauthorized use, the author is liable to a penalty. The amount of the penalty is a gross amount of 25,000 HUF per sentences and/or per images and/or per videos. The reader and user of the website acknowledge that this penalty policy is not exaggerated and the website is used while being aware of this. In the case of copyright violation, 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. shall exercise certification by notary, and the amount of this shall also be borne by the offending user.


The content of the website has been compiled as thoroughly as possible by 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd., but is only for informational purposes and may change depending on the decision of 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. In view of this, 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. shall not be responsible for the accuracy and completeness, correctness, timeliness of the website or for the interruption- and error-free operation of the website.

To the extent permitted by law, 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. hereby excludes any liability for any damages caused by, and/or resulting from the use of the website in any way, for any direct and/or indirect damages, including, but not limited to any damages caused by and/or arising from:

  • any activity you may have been encouraged to do by information, data or service published on the website;
  • the useless state of the website;
  • any inaccuracy, shortcomings or obsolescence of certain information on the website.

The restrictions discussed in the previous paragraph do not apply if the damage, death or personal injury is caused by the deliberate act, omission or gross negligence of 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd.


The hyperlinks (links) on the website are for ease of access only, and the inclusion of any links do not imply the approval of 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. regarding the contents of the hyperlinked website. 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. has no responsibility for the content of the websites accessible via links or via the links contained therein. The use of data and information obtained through the website and the hyperlink is the user's own risk.

Embedded technology

The website may use embedded player technologies (e.g. youtube). By using this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the Website. By using embedded technology on the website, you accept the terms for using that embedded technology as well. (In case of Youtube:

Information submitted

Complying with Act CXII of 2011 (Info. law), Act CLVII of 2008 (Economic Advertising Activity) and provisions of other legislations, in case you send information or material except for any data beyond personal data and special data to 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd., you agree for 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. to use this information and material for marketing and other purposes for free of charge, and by sending you confirm that this usage does not infringe other persons' rights.

In the parts of the website where the information provided by the user of the website is present, the submitted information is not checked by 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. and the company excludes any liability for such information.

Data protection

You may find more information on data protection and data management via the following link:



If you have any questions or complaints regarding the website, you may contact 4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. through the following contact:

e-mail address:, phone number: +36 96 579 067


Hosting provider data

Name:  ErdSoft doo

Seat:  Serbia, 24000 Subotica, Luia Pastera 5


Phone: +381 60 44 60 555

Maticni broi: 21354619

PIB: 110478829


Other provisions

4 Diamant-Dent Ltd. reserves the right to amend and change this legal notice without any prior notice. The present legal notice and the website you use are governed by the applicable law of Hungary.


Closed: 1st June 2018

                                                                                  4 Diamant- Dent Ltd.

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