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With TRIOS® 3 Shape impressions are taken digitally


Each & every dental treatment should start with perfect impressions!
With TRIOS® 3 Shape impressions are taken digitally
Break-through at Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute: digital impressions with TRIOS® 3 Shape intraoral camera. It is fast, easy and accurate to take impressions with TRIOS® 3 Shape.


The Diamant-Dent institute offers the latest technology in the field of X-ray photograph, the VATECH Green 16 equipment.

This way we can guarantee the best possible treatment in the field of implantology, in case of jawbone joint complaints, in case of extraction of wisdom teeth and during other difficult operations. With the help of an X-ray scan a digital 3 dimensional X-ray photograph is taken of the jaw, according which we can form an impression of your health situation. Your advantage is that you DON’T have to go to a radiological surgery to have taken a CT-photograph, because the photograph is taken here at once, and so we can give advice immediately.

Another advantage is, that the photograph can be taken,  in comparison with a CT, with a four times weaker radioactive dose. On the basis of the 3D-reconstruction we can analyse the anatomical risk zones of the implantation or surgical operations. The course of the nerves (mandibularis) can be stated exactly, the condition of the maxillary sinus can be diagnosed, and even the density of the jawbone can be measured. For you as our patient it is easier to understand the planning and the whole treatment upon a 3D-model.


Once the diagnostic is crystal clear, the safety of the implementation of the treatment increases. In order to make the implementation of the implant operations even safer, the so called TOMOGRAPHY is essential, which can be taken with this digital X-ray equipment. Everyone who has every tried to bore a hole right-angled into the wall can imagine, how skilled a dentist has to be to put in implants correctly. But if a digital volume photograph or a so called 3D picture is available, the implant can be put in the right position – with the help of our implant planning software.

Our institute has always set great store on the fact, that our guests are offered the most innovative technologies and outstanding performance, in order to gain their trust and feeling of safety. The 3 dimensional VATECH Green 16 equipment helps us with this. The Diamant-Dent institute and this ultra-modern equipment are both leaders in the field of dentistry – a perfect combination.


The newest innovation from BIOLASETM.

The Epic is the newest diode laser for the following dental treatment therapies:

  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Bleaching
  • Pain therapy
  • Gingivectomy
  • Perio pockets
  • Excisio
  • Exposure
  • Crown lengthening


CAD/CAM Technology

The ultramodern technical know-how for denture making support. Our dental lab works with the latest technologies so that your tooth replacement can be made with surgical precision. The imes-icore CORiTEC 750i unit with its scanner and software enables the highly precise handling of your future crowns and bridges.

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