General Terms Of Internet Purchases


These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) contain the rights and obligations of the Customer (hereinafter: Customer) availing of the commercial services provided by the 4 Diamant-Dent  Kft. (VAT number: 11778987-2-08; Company registration number: 08-09-007974; Headquarters: 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár,Régi Vámház Tér 11.), operator (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) (Service Provider and Customer hereinafter, together: Parties).

  1. General information, the establishment of the Parties’ contract
    1. The scope of this GTC shall cover all commercial transactions entered into by Parties stipulated herein.
    2. Purchases through the Service Provider’s website shall be made by submitted the order electronically in the manner specified herein.
    3. Anybody shall be entitled to use Service Provider’s services subject to a valid identification by the data requested on the website and the acceptance of the obligation to comply with the provisions set forth herein.

The contract between Parties is established in the course of purchasing the voucher by printing the invoice related to the order and having the voucher issued. The voucher can be requested in pdf and paper-based forms. The electronic order submitted by Customer and the issuance of the above-mentioned documents shall constitute Parties’ contract in writing.

  1. Identification of customers
    1. Orders through the website can exclusively be made by users who have provided their real personal data as well as some other data necessary for having the order delivered in the completed form sent along with the order.
  2. Orders
  3. The purchase price shall always be the amount specified beside the selected service (voucher), which includes the value added tax.
  4. Service provider retains the right to change the prices of services available for orders so that the change becomes effective when it is published on the website. The change in the price shall not adversely affect the purchase price of the services having been ordered already.
  5. If irrespective of all the due care taken by Service Provider wrong price is shown in the website, with special regard to the HUF „0” or HUF „1” that is obviously wrong, e.g. it significantly differs from the product’s generally known and accepted or assessed price and possibly appearing due to a fault in the system, Service Provider shall not be obliged to sell the voucher at the wrong price, instead it may offer delivery at the correct price being aware of which Customer may waive the intention to purchase.
  6. Service Provider accepts the order submitted through its website only in the event Customer completes fully all the data necessary for the order. Service Provider shall not be liable for any delay or other problem or fault in the delivery that can be traced back to data in the order having been provided by the Customer wrongly or imprecisely.
  7. By submitting the order Customer states to have accepted these General Terms of Contract and considers them to be bounding.
  8. Service provider shall be obliged to confirm the purchase electronically (via email) to the customer following receipt of the Customer’s purchase offer (order). If Customer fails to receive this confirmation within 48 hours following the dispatch of the offer, Service Provider’s binding offer as well as any Customer obligation shall become void automatically and without any further precondition.
  9. The  voucher is a commodity as it enables the use at a discount of the services mentioned in it. The voucher always contains its serial number, the content of the service package, the date of expiry and other information and things to know about how to cash them in. The voucher cannot be used after the date of expiry; its validity can be extended for a surcharge upon preliminary harmonization with the Service Provider.
  10. The process of purchase
    1. If a gift voucher is purchased:
      • The discount offer contains the interval during which the particular voucher can be used.
      • Please complete the form necessary for the purchase precisely and fully.
      • Upon receipt of the amount corresponding to the value of the purchase our system automatically sends the voucher purchased in pdf form. If a paper-based voucher has been selected, it will be sent by mail to the name and address you have provided.
      • Modes of payment:
  11. Terms of delivery and payment

On the spot in cash or online payment by bank card are possible.

  1. If a package is purchased:
    • The time interval during which the voucher concerned can be used shall be one year subject to absence of any time bound restriction at the time corresponding to the price of the package selected and open for booking. The content of the package cannot be modified subsequently.
    • You are kindly requested to complete precisely and fully the form necessary for the purchase.
    • Upon receipt of the amount corresponding to the value of the purchase the voucher purchased will be sent by mail against a surcharge to the name and address you have provided, or it can also be obtained in pdf form through the internet.
    • Mode of payment:

On the spot in cash or online payment by bank card are possible.

  1. Method of use:
    • Upon receipt of the voucher you can submit an order regarding the specific time you intend to use the voucher. Orders can be sent in writing (letter or fax) or by internet (email or direct order through our website) to our Clinic.
    • Internet booking will be accepted only if sent directly to our email address ( or submitted by using the booking menu item in our own website (
    • When the order is submitted make sure to always quote the serial number to enable the identification of the voucher. Service provider accepts and confirms the orders arriving on the first come basis depending on the free capacities set aside for the use of vouchers. The voucher can be actually used only following confirmation of the time requested.
    • If the order has been turned down due to the Clinic being full Service provider shall be obliged to offer the customer at least 3 alternative dates. The time of valid and confirmed bookings can be altered only with the consent of the Service provider subject to the following conditions:
      • Cost-free by 7 days prior to arrival
      • For a 20 % surcharge by 7-3 days prior to arrival
      • If cancelled within 3 days prior to arrival, the voucher will be considered to have been used and will be invalidated.
    • When services are availed of, the original copy of the voucher sent by mail has to be handed over on the spot to Service provider.

Safeguard and warranty

Safeguard and warranty shall be governed by the prevailing provisions of Act IV, 1959 on the Civil Code concerning safeguard and warranty as amended several times.

Service provider shall assume a responsibility for having the voucher exchanged under the terms and in the manner specified at the particular hotel according to the rules of the hotel regarding vouchers.


Cancellation and refund

Upon receipt of the voucher Customer shall be obliged to check its content and immediately notify the Service provider if something is missing or any deviation is detected from the terms and conditions announced originally.
Customer may withdraw from the contract within 24 hours following receipt of the voucher. In this case we shall reimburse the purchase price of the voucher(s) objected to latest within 15 days after the voucher has been returned. When exercising the right of withdrawal Customer shall take care of having the voucher returned and the costs related to the same shall be borne by Customer. Service provider shall be entitled to charge and withhold a handling fee of HUF 1000/voucher in compensation for its costs related to having the voucher issued and the money repaid.

If the voucher cannot be exchanged due to some reason beyond the Customer (Service provider wound up or voucher has been declined, etc….) Service provider shall stand full guarantee and repay the total purchase price of the voucher subject to a justified claim however it shall not be liable to pay any compensation beyond that.

The voucher can be returned by sending it to the address mentioned in the website. Service provider is not in a position to receive post-paid mails due to technical reasons. The purchase price can be repaid only upon having the repayment claim examined, retroactively, by bank transfer or postal cheque.

Service provider shall not be obliged to pay back the purchase price if the voucher fails to be an original version or returned in an intact state (e.g. it is damaged, torn, crumpled, illegible, etc.).

Service provider shall not be obliged to exchange overdue vouchers.


The safety level of the website operated by Service provider is adequate and its use does not constitute any risk that would exceed that of the normal and everyday use of the Internet. Purchases in the website assume the Customer’s awareness of the technical and technological limitations of the Internet as well as the acceptance of the possible faults inherent in the technology.

Service provider shall not be liable for any damage having emerged during accessing the website. The obligation to protect their computer and the data stored on it shall be the Customer’s responsibility.

Service provider shall store the data rendered available to it by the Customer exclusively for the purpose and delivery of the order as well as to enable subsequent verification of the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship to be established. Service provider may not transfer Customer’s data to third party. Service provider shall act in compliance with the prevailing provisions of Act LXIII, 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data when handling Customer data.

Service provider shall always be entitled to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of this GTC. Any eventual modification shall enter into effect at the same time when it appears on the website.

Contracting Parties shall do all the needful to settle their eventual disputes through negotiations. If the legal dispute cannot be settled through negotiations, depending on the value limit, contracting Parties shall stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the court competent at the site of the Service provider.

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