Nobel Biocare All-on-4® / All-on-6®

The Best in its Class – Fixed Teeth in 24 Hours

Fixed dentures are no longer a dream for patients with toothless jaw and little bone volume. Nobel Biocare systems All-on-4® and All-on-6® provide fixed dentures with four or six Implants without the need for bone augmentation. When it is not feasible to insert implants in the posterior region of your jaw, implants are inserted in the aesthetic zone in a specific angle so that they are able to bear the whole pressure of a fixed bridge. Thus, this is the solution for stability, which allows you to bite properly at any time with no worries.

As your denture with artificial teeth will not wiggle around in your mouth, you will gain more self-confidence and a perfect look. Choose stability provided by the revolutionary technology of modern dentistry by Nobel Biocare!


Advantages of All-on-4®/All-on-6®:

  • Immediately Loadable
  • Palate-free Restoration
  • Fixed Bridge Restoration
  • No Removable Restoration
  • Local Bone is Fully Exploited
  • Short Treatment Time

Fixed Teeth While You Sleep:

On your request your treatment is performed under outpatient general anaesthesia that costs €300/hour.

Should you have further questions concerning “immediate fixed teeth”, fill in our application form.

Stability even in case of little bone value


The certain plus of quality of life.

Crowns, bridges

Aesthetic solution in case of strongly discolored, chipped, worn or missing teeth.


A wonderful smile, which reflects a self-assured, healthy and attractive personality, immediately catches your eye.


A solution in the case of tooth or jaw deficiencies at any age.

Successful stories

Diamant-Dent in numbers
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