Implants for beautyful teeth

Each tooth gap can be provided with either a bridge or an implant. Bridges are usually the more cost-effective variants, but there are also other important aspects in the selection of the tooth replacements as well as the costs. A bridge is placedon the neighbor teeth. These neighbor teeth must be prepared - a clear disadvantage if they are otherwise healthy. Implantis the more expensive replacement, but also the only one that counteracts bone loss. The reason is that the jaw bone is still strained by the titanium root as usual.Implants can also be used for bridges or protheses to close larger tooth gaps.


By now, we are looking back on a particularly long experience in dental medicine, especially in the area of implantology. Would you like dental implants in Hungary? Diamant-Dent is the perfect choice.

Prostheses as tooth replacements can often cause difficulties, especially when eating and speaking. On the other hand, a solution with implants is experienced like your own teeth and gives freedom while talking and eating.

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Implants and implant crowns in case of toothless jaw
First alternative, fixed bridge – as own teeth


Toothless jaw


Fixed bridge will be inserted

on implants

Price of a fixed bride in case of toothless jaw:

8 x Implants 4240 €
8 x Abutments 960 €
8 x Metal ceramic crowns on implants 2160 €
4 x Metal ceramic bridgeparts 800 €
Total: 8160 €

Second alternative, fixed bridge – in case of insufficient bone substance


Toothless jaw


Fixed All-on-4 ® bridge

will be inserted on implants

Price of a fixed All-on-4® bride in case of toothless jaw:

4 x Implants NobelBiocare 3680 €
4 x Abutments 600 €
All on 4® bridge 3700 €
Total: 7980 €

Third alternative, removable prothesis – stabilized on 4 implants


Toothless jaw


Removable bar overdenture

will be inserted on implants

Price of a bar overdenture in case of toothless jaw:

4 x Implants 2120 €
4 x Abutments 480 €
Bar overdenture 3100 €
Total: 5700 €

Implants and crowns on implants in case of several missing teeth

If you want to replace several missing teeth, the implant-supported bridge is the best solution.


Three missing teeth


Two implants will be inserted


A bridge of three parts will be inserted on implants


The result after the end of the treatment

Price in case of implant-supported bridge:

2 x Implants 1060 €
2 x Abutments 240 €
2 x Metal ceramic crowns on implants 540 €
1 x Metal ceramic bridgepart 200 €
Total: 2040 €

Implants and crown on implant in case of one missing tooth

If you want to replace one missing tooth, the implant-supported crown is the best solution.


One missing tooth


Implant will be inserted


The new crown will be inserted on the implant


The result after the end of the treatment

Price in case of implant with a crown on implant:

1 x Implant 530 €
1 x Abutment 120 €
1 x Metal ceramic crown on implant 270 €
Total: 920 €

Additional costs are not included in the price. Please contact us for your personal offer. Please contact us!

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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is implanted painless into the jaw bone. They can have a shape of a cylinder or a screw, they have different diameters and length. During the healing period of about 3-4 months the bone is growing into the implant and so the basis for solid dentures is provided.
After the healing period the new crown is screwed onto the implant.

When is an implantation meaningful and what are the advantages?

In case of loosing your own teeth, nowadays implantation can offer a functional and aesthetically satisfactory solution:

  • healthy teeth don't need to be smoothed down.
  • implants provide long-lasting and fixed dentures.
  • they provide a good appearance and the safe feeling of natural teeth.
  • the chewing function remains completely
  • bone-reduction can be prevented this way.
What kind of materials are implants made of?

The implant is made of pure titanium, and the human body accepts this material completely.
So the medical titanium is accepted by the body and allergic reactions can be excluded.

Are there any risks involved in the implantation?

The effectiveness of our oral surgeons is supported by our modern KAVO equipment and instruments.
The success of the operation is also guaranteed by our sterile system.
Naturally no doctor can guarantee, that there aren't any risks in case of an oral surgery treatment, but you can do a lot for the perfect healing process, for example:

  • during the healing period you shouldn't put pressure on the implant, or you shouldn't keep playing around it with your tongue,
  • perfect mouth hygiene,
  • regular follow-up examination.
How are implants put in?

The implantation and other operations near the jaw are carried out by two experienced, competent oral surgeons.
They have performed many successful treatments by now.
Before the treatment a digital panorama X-ray photograph is taken, so on the basis of this it can be diagnosed, how many implants should be put in, or if a bone construction is necessary as well.
After the consultation the implants are put in under local anaesthetic. The jaw is opened at the place where the implants are put into the bone. After the implantation the gum is stitched up and is chilled in order to prevent it from swelling.
For the implantation of the implants usually one treatment session is enough. Per implant it takes only 20 minutes to finish.
This routine operation is carried out gently and ambulant under local anaesthetic.
After the operation we suggest that the patients should stay one night at our clinic. On the second day a soft laser treatment is carried out, to quicken the healing time and the bone regeneration is assisted.
The suture is removed within 7-10 days after the operation. Afterwards a healing period without putting pressure on the implant, is recommended.
For the oral surgeries and treatments we have a well-equipped operating room. The effectiveness of our oral surgeons is supported by our modern KAVO equipment and instruments. The success of the operation is also guaranteed by our sterile system.
In case of a normal healing process the implants have grown into the bone within three-six months.
After this time the new crowns of your tooth can be fixed on it.
The Diamant-Dent clinic and implantation centre offers implants of four worldwide acknowledged enterprises:
Oraltronics, Friadent, AlphaBio and NobelBiocare. All of them occupy an important place in the field of implantation products.

Measures before and after the implantation

Before the treatment you can normally have something to eat, because the operation shouldn't be carried out with an empty stomach. You should also take your prescribed medicine, as always.
After the operation the gum will be sensitive for a couple of days, but the cooling will help to prevent it from swelling.
Basically doing sport isn't a problem, but you should be more careful now.
For one week after the operation we recommend not to drink coffee, tea, alcohol or dairy products, to smoke or to eat spicy meals.
Careful mouth hygienics should be taken seriously: you should clean your teeth regularly. The recommended medicine should also be taken and the use of Chlorhexamed is suggested as well.

What to do if the denture is already fixed on the implant?

The new dentures have to be cleaned as careful as the natural teeth, and it is very important to visit the dentist for the check-up examination every 6-12 months as well.

How long should you stay for an implantation in Hungary?

In case of an oral surgery treatment - implantation, sinus-lift, bone reconstruction - it is recommended to stay at least one night in Hungary. On the first day the examination and the implantation is carried out. On the second day the soft laser treatment is performed, in order to speed up the healing process. After this you can travel home and come back in about a week to remove the suture. But a doctor at your home can do this as well.

Implantation days:

Normally our oral surgeons need 2-3 days for the implantation of one implant at our clinic. In our first example we show the course of the treatment in case of putting in one implant:

1st day: 

  • arrival and the first consultation, where a medical and cost plan is drawn up free of charge,
  • putting in of the implant (operation)

2nd day:

  • control of the performed operation,
  • soft laser treatment, which enables a faster and better healing of the operation wound,
  • departure

Implantation week:

Should you have more days (8-10 days) for the implantation, the removal of the stitches can be carried out at our clinic as well. In this case the program can be changed in more aspects. In the intervening periods we can offer you different kind of programs, as requested: 

1st day:

  • arrival and the first consultation, where a medical and cost plan is drawn up free of charge,
  • putting in of the implant (operation)

2nd day: 

  • control of the performed operation,
  • soft laser treatment, which enables a faster and better healing of the operation wound,

3rd - 7th day: 

  • leisure time programs at your wish. We offer different free time programs and you can choose the one you like.

8th day: 

  • control examination
  • removal of the stitches
  • departure.
How long is the guarantee valid?

For the parts of the implants there is a guarantee of 3 years. The Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute takes over the treatment costs, if it can be proved definitely, that we have made a mistake (for example: material defect).

The guarantee becomes invalid if:

  • the oral hygiene is not thorough and sufficient,
  • the annual examination is not carried out,
  • in case of the decrease of the gums and the bone structure,
  • the dentures got damaged according to an accident,
  • the instructions of the dentist are not observed (for example: not correct care of the dentures, not correct storage and use of the removable dentures).
  • the weight of the patient changes significantly within a short time
  • the dental status of the patient changes due to a general illness
  • the dental treatment is carried out by another dentist.
What are bone lifting and sinus lifting?

Before the implantation must be checked the density of the bone substance. If there is not enough bone for the implantation, the bone lifting (in the upper jaw sinus lifting) is a good possibility to enable the implantation. During the treatment bone replace material will be placed, the implant can be put in without any problems


The certain plus of quality of life.

Crowns, bridges

Aesthetic solution in case of strongly discolored, chipped, worn or missing teeth.


A wonderful smile, which reflects a self-assured, healthy and attractive personality, immediately catches your eye.


A solution in the case of tooth or jaw deficiencies at any age.

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