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Paediatrics dentistry deals with the treatment of all diseases in the area of the teeth, mouth and jaws during childhood. Paediatrics dentistry differs considerably from adult dentistry: on the one hand the teeth of the children are still developing, and on the other hand they have milk teeth and their permanent teeth are growing only from the age of 6. Besides, the attendant circumstances of a treatment of a child are psychologically completely different from a treatment of an adult. That’s the reason why the dental treatment of children should be based on other principles.

It is advisable to take the child to the dentist as soon as his/her first milk teeth have come through. The regular check of the milk teeth is very important, as they are prone to caries. Caries can lead to the loss of the milk teeth, and may even cause more serious problems: it can have an adverse influence on the development of the language, the aesthetics, the chewing function and the change of the teeth.

We set great store on the treatment of children. Our experienced and forbearing dentists treat both young and larger children as well, as they can pay more attention to them.

In connection with the dental treatment of children you can find more information under the point Orthodontics.



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