SPA slimming, self-heating mineral body pack

SPA slimming, self-heating mineral body pack (for the treatment of flattened, stretched breast or stomach parts, regenerating treatment after delivery)

For the treatment of stretched breast and belly parts, regenerating treatment after delivery. As soon as the number of collagen and elastin fibres decrease, our skin needs intensive care, in order to get tight again. The phytotal active agents, which can be found in the pack, have a complex tightening effect. During the usage our skin regains its optimal complexion, and is getting tight again. This treatment is recommended with 5-10-15 sessions.

Course of the treatment:

  • Spa body polish
  • This polishing of the whole body is carried out with a cell-regenerating body peeling, which contains rice parts, grains of salt and sugar.
  • Spa tightening, slimming gel.
  • The tightening, slimming gel is put on the required areas, and is covered with hydrating gauze bandage.
  • Spa mineral body pack.
  • The pack is put on the required area of the body, the patient is wrapped into a warmed thermo blanket, and he or she can relax listening to soft music.
  • Spa massage oil.
  • The massage oil is mixed with tightening body cream, and the treated areas are massaged in gently.
  • Spa tightening skin cream.
  • The treated areas are creamed with tightening and hydrating creams, containing ronoxan and phytotal, which make the skin soft as velvet all day long.

Duration of treatment approx. 90 minutes


The certain plus of quality of life.

Crowns, bridges

Aesthetic solution in case of strongly discolored, chipped, worn or missing teeth.


A wonderful smile, which reflects a self-assured, healthy and attractive personality, immediately catches your eye.


A solution in the case of tooth or jaw deficiencies at any age.

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