Permanent make up - Cosmetic make up tattooing

Pigments are injected into the skin with one or more needles. Needles of different types and sizes can be used. Acupuncture needles were used before, but nowadays every tattoo machine company produces its own needles, accessories or for the most modern and sterile machines a hygiene module. The Nouveau Contour™ provides the only method, which is 100 per cent safe of any infections.

Nouveau techniques make it possible to create unique professional makeup tattoos, which can only be done with state of the art tattoo machines and outstanding professional skills.

Eyebrow makeup tattoo
Natural looking eyebrows are most desired among our clients. The colour of the tattoo is in harmony with the natural hair colour of the client; and its shape makes the facial appearance advantageous.

The Nouveau Contour machine offers a number of different eyebrow tattooing programs. For the hair stroke method there is a range of hygiene modules to choose from. A very thin needle is required for drawing each missing brow hair. There is a 1-point needle or a 3-point needle to use. In case of the latter, 3 needles are placed in a row (as a comb). If held appropriately, lines will be as thin as with the 1-point needle, but as a 3-point needle, it will inject 3 times more pigments into the skin.

Eyeliner makeup: “smokey eyes”
A firm, thin black line used to be the most requested treatment. Nowadays many of our clients prefer soft contour lines. This type of makeup tattoo is created with Nouveau technique instead of “line technique”. This method results in truly “smokey eyes”. Only the 5-point needle is suitable for this type of permanent makeup. We use a special technique. It gives a beautiful and natural looking effect to the eyes!

Lip shading
Enhanced and optically enlarged lips fit most women, but everyone requires different shape and colour.

Lips can be well defined by lip lining, but it only works if the lips are perfectly shaped. In case of asymmetry or disproportionate lips, lip lining is not enough for the desired attractive result.

Lip lining together with lip shading results in a more natural and attractive appearance. Also optical enlargement has to be made together with contour and colour shading. If the mouth shape of the client has to be corrected, full lip colouring is the perfect solution, i.e. we can improve their appearance with the help of lip shading.

Lip shading is the most problematic treatment for most practitioners. It requires appropriate training and experience, as well as a digital tattoo machine.

The secret of long-lasting beauty is permanent make-up. Exquisite technic, guaranted quality without pain, blood and swelling that it provides.

With the help of Nouveau Contour tecnology the deficiency and roughness of the lip, eye-lashes and eye-brows can be corrected.

A too narrow or rare eye-brow or even a thin lip can be done optically wider and thus more beautiful with the mentioned procedure.

permanent makeupOur patients CARACTER/APPEARANCE can be significantly changed thanks to our highly-qualified cosmeticians, the appropriate equipment, excellent quality of myriad number of colours and Nouveau Contour.

Our patients are fully satisfied even years later. Beautifully arched eye- brows, tempting eyes and full lips even after 5 years.


The certain plus of quality of life.

Crowns, bridges

Aesthetic solution in case of strongly discolored, chipped, worn or missing teeth.


A wonderful smile, which reflects a self-assured, healthy and attractive personality, immediately catches your eye.


A solution in the case of tooth or jaw deficiencies at any age.

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