Artificial nails

The appropriate hand and nail care is as an essential basic need nowadays. Beautiful, well-cared hands are an important part of our appearance, and they can play an important role how are people judging us if we meet them.

We use the following techniques regarding artificial nails:


In case of this method the nails are cut, and the synthetic-tip of appropriate size and form can be chosen. After this the surface of the nails are matted and disinfected. Then the tips are fixed with a special glue. In the second stage the nails are cut to the required length.

After the guest has decided, which form the nails should have (we can give advice, if needed), they are either cut oval or rectangular shape. Then the nails are filed to the length of the natural nails, and finally they are disinfected and dried once more.

In the next stage the nails are covered with an ultraviolet-gel, sold by Akzent Direkt (this material hardens on ultraviolet light). The prepared nails don’t need any further shaping, filing.

Depending on the growth of the natural nails, our guests return after 3-5 weeks, in order to let the artificial nails refill.


Covering the natural nails with a basic materiall:
If you don’t like artificial nails, we can recommend the hardening of your natural nails. This means that after the shaping of your own nails (filing and cleaning the surface), a layer of gel is put onto the nails. In this way the nails get a protective coating, which protects them against tearing, breaking off and the splinter off of nail polish. This technique also needs refilling, as in case of artificial nails. Many of our guests tried this technique, and we can say, that it has proved to be a success!


The certain plus of quality of life.

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Aesthetic solution in case of strongly discolored, chipped, worn or missing teeth.


A wonderful smile, which reflects a self-assured, healthy and attractive personality, immediately catches your eye.


A solution in the case of tooth or jaw deficiencies at any age.

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