In our hurrying time of today stress is almost everywhere.
For many people relaxation, recreation is a hard task.

The massage is one of the most ancient and pleasant method of prevention of illnesses and improvement of our general condition.
With our offered massage-methods we would like to help you in connection with this!

The 50 minute refreshing whole-body massage is able to compensate the negative effects of stress, and ensures a better sleep hereby. It has a stress reducing, circulation stimulating, and a blood pressure decreasing effect.

Stress is also accompanied by muscular tension, which can also cause muscular strain. The refreshing massage has an advantageous effect on stiff muscles, it eases up aching muscles, and has a relaxing effect.

With the 25 minutes massage of the back we can also get an excellent effect on the nervous system or the stiff neck, back and shoulder muscles.
The reflex-zone massage of the foot is also included in our massage treatments, which improves the natural self-healing process of the organism. If a reflex point on the sole is sensitive to touch, so this can indicate the disorder of the equivalent organ. In the recognition of this the reflex-zone massage can help, with which we can create a pleasant general condition, as well.

But we are not done yet!
With the help of our new treatments you can increase the condition of your skin, you can increase its tightness, and reduce orange skin.

The different kind of environmental and other extern effects can cause the loss of the youth of your skin, premature aging, development of wrinkles. 
In our time many women suffer from the problem of orange skin. The hormonal changes of the organism, the hormones in food products and other additives, the lack of movement, stress, hurrying lifestyle contribute to the distortion of the metabolism, as a result of which cellulitis is developing.
Cellulitis is the inflammation of connective tissue, fat cells, inside of which roughage is stored.

The anti-cellulitis-reducing-wrapping accelerates the process of purification. You only have to relax 45 minutes in the foil-package and you get slimmer at once!
In the first step we put ivy-jelly on the body. Ivy jelly freshens up the tissues and improves the lymphatic system. After this we wrap up the problematic areas, as the hip, bottom, thighs, stomach and the arms with foil, and a relaxation period of 45 minutes is following.
This kind of body treatment came from overseas and is one of the most effective methods of removing orange skin and body-shaping. Under the foil the detoxicating processes accelerate and the skin gets tighter. 

The duration of the treatment is 1 hour; it is recommended twice a week, as a cure.
The slimming can be measured in centimetres. 

The foil-wrapping is also suitable for the paling of striae distensae. It is not recommended in case of heart and kidney diseases. The method is suitable for everybody who wants to loose weight, but especially for comfortably women, as here you don’t have to participate actively. 

The result can be increased if you take part once a week in the body-rubbing or pealing massage. The body gets a massage with a mix of oil and salts from the Dead Sea during 50 minutes, then a lukewarm shower is following. Even the ancient people knew the beneficial effect of sea water, and this is also supported by today’s science 

We can enjoy all this – even far away from the sea – with the help of the sea salt.

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