Lava stone massage

The science of massage looks back on a long past of more than 4000 years. Nowadays it is still a very popular method of treatment, where the different points of your body are kneaded, pinched, beat, rubbed and pressed, which can be helpful for the followings: the mechanism of different physiological functions, to ease tensions, the relief of muscle pains, and even in case of the conservation of the youth of your skin. There are numerous types of massage: for example: Swedish massage, Shiatsu, reflex zone massage, lymph massage or Thai massage. All of these massage types have one thing in common: they all can only be carried out with your hands. But there is one exception, which doesn’t use the healing effect of physical contact, but is based on other principles: this is the lava stone massage.

Description of the lava stone massage:

The healing and relaxing effect of hot stones was already known during classical antiquity. The modern lava stone massage of today’s is based on the same principles: instead of a massage with hands, smooth, flat stones of volcanic deposition are used, which are heated to a temperature of 50 - 60°C, and are placed on the different acupressure points of the body, the stones are used for the massage of the whole body and the muscles.

The stones, the back or the concerned part of the body is rubbed generously with special oil, even ethereal oils can be added, which increases the positive effect of the lava stone massage.

The massage is carried out with stones, which are heated to a temperature of 50 - 60°C and which are of different size. The bigger stones are placed along the energy lines and main energy centres of the body, and the smaller ones are used for the massage. The treatment is based on the use of special techniques, and is considered as the ‘queen of massages’.

The stones and the concerned part of the body is rubbed generously with special oil, even ethereal oils can be added. The choice of the massage oil and ethereal oil is individual. During the treatment different kind of oils can be used for example almond, sesame, maize, sunflower or hazelnut oil.  In case of adding ethereal oils the positive effect of the massage can be even increased.

The course of treatment:

Lava stones are able to store heat for a longer time, and therefore ethereal oils can be worked into the deeper layers of the skin as a result of the heat. The massage is carried out in a calm atmosphere, with silent and relaxing music. The recommended duration of the treatment is 90 minutes. Even after the first treatment the client feels extremely relaxed and pleasantly secure.

The physiological effects of the lava stone massage are the followings:

  • it improves the circulation
  • it helps to relax the muscles
  • it warms up the body
  • it improves the circulation of the lymphatic system
  • it stimulates the metabolism
  • muscle pains are relieved
  • the detoxication process is supported
  • the connective tissue is strengthened
  • the excretion function of the kidneys is improved
  • muscle stiffness solved

The massage offers a dynamic physical and mental experience: it relaxes, calms and improves your general condition, it is excellent for dissolving stress and at the end of the massage the client feels a deep peace and lots of life-energy and body and mind are balanced.

In other words this treatment has all the positive physiological effects as all the other massage types have, but it improves these effects through the use of the warm lava stones even more.

In some situations the treatment is not recommended:

  • in case of high temperature, fever
  • in case of heart- and vascular diseases
  • in case of high blood pressure
  • in case of lung disease and respiration problems
  • in case of some liver diseases and gall-bladder complaints
  • in case of urinary tract problems, intestinal diseases, cancer, during the third trimester of pregnancy, and during menstruation, so in all such cases, when a thermal treatment is not recommended

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