Hand & foot treating

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The care and treatment of our hands and feet is an integral part of the modern beauty care. The excellent products of Perfect Nails are instrumental in the care of hands and feet.

The nail-technicians of today offer a wide range of products and methods in the field of pedicure, manicure and artificial nails. For this a rich variety of traditional and new methods, forms, materials and decoration are available. But even the most beautiful decoration only looks nice on manicured fingernails…


During our daily routine one take 10,000 steps on the average, one part of this in form of running and climbing stairs, which burden the joints of the foot with the three- or four-fold of the bodyweight. One important task of our toes is to send information to our brain about the type of ground we are walking on.

Unfortunately we have been dealing with the care of our feet much lesser than we should. We are suffering from corns, knobs, callosity, ingrown nails and they worsen our general condition noticeably. Against the process of ageing we are powerless, but it can be delayed, and deficiencies can be corrected.

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