Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

How long is the guarantee valid?

 Crowns, bridges  3 years
 Inlays, onlays  3 years
 Veneers  3 years
 Aesthetic fillings  2 years
(full and partial dentures, supraconstructions)
 2 years
 Ot-Cap, Preci, copulative element  1 year
 Plastic tooth (loss of plastic tooth)  1 year
 Temporary denture  2 months

The guarantee becomes invalid if:

- the oral hygiene is not thorough and sufficient,
- the annual examination is not carried out,
- in case of the decrease of the gums and the bone structure,
- the dentures got damaged due to an accident,
- the instructions of the dentist are not observed
(for example: not correct care of the dentures, not correct storage and use of the removable dentures).
- the weight of the patient changes significantly within a short time
- the dental status of the patient changes due to a general illness
- the dental treatment is carried out by another dentist.

The guarantee refers to the faults of material but not the furtherly needed treatments under the tooth replacement. The Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute takes over the treatment costs, if it can be proved definitely, that we have made a mistake (for example: material defect).

In addition the guarantee covers the costs of treatment but not the occured circumstances like travelling and accomodation