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Even those who pay close attention to thorough dental care may not be able to clean properly or reach all the spaces and areas of their oral cavity. As a result, bacteria stays permanently in the mouth, which can lead to numerous diseases such as dental caries, the inflammation of the gum or even to periodontitis. A professional cleaning of teeth, which ought to be performed by a dental hygienist ideally every six to twelve months, makes sure there is optimal oral hygiene in the oral cavity in addition to personal, mechanical cleaning of teeth, so that the natural tooth material could be retained as long as possible.

Professional Cleaning of Teeth Hungary Diamant-DentPreventing Diseases via Professional Cleaning of Teeth

Especially for the Elderly, it should be made sure that professional cleaning of teeth is performed regularly. On the one hand, the organism’s susceptibility to inflammation and to diseases increases with age. On the other hand, dexterity that ensures a thorough cleaning reduces. The most worrying negative impact of this is that bacteria remains in oral cavity and causes inflammation. A professional cleaning of teeth eliminates any possible risks involved so that the possibility of caries or inflammation is avoided.

Have a Professional Cleaning of Teeth with Airflow®

We offer you the especially popular professional cleaning of teeth with the so-called Airflow® technology. Cleaning is carried out with an abrasive salt powder and water solution, which not only cleans the teeth, but also removes stains from its surface. Tooth discolorations mainly occur because of consumption of some food such as red wine and coffee or because of smoking. The good news is that both such stains and age-related discolorations can be removed with Airflow®.


Epic Laser on duty of the mouth hygiene

- Parodontitis
- Perio pocket
- Killing of bacteria
- Biostimulation with Laser – excitation for self healing
- Bakteria reduction during the parodontal treatment

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