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Each & every dental treatment should start with perfect impressions!

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With TRIOS® 3 Shape impressions are taken digitally

Break-through at Diamant-Dent Dental Medical Institute: digital impressions with TRIOS® 3 Shape intraoral camera. It is fast, easy and accurate to take impressions with TRIOS® 3 Shape.

In case of traditional impressions, it can happen that a second one should be taken in order to get the best results. Many times the completed work has to even be modified when being placed in the mouth. In case of digital impressions, such problems will never arise, as such impression are extremely precise.

In addition, the greatest advantage of digital impression-taking is that gag reflex and the irritation the impression material could cause are avoided so.

Due to the accuracy of 3D Oral Scanner fewer impressions are needed, in addition, the restoration fits better, resulting in fewer corrections. Treatment time is thus shortened.

The process is painless, it does not involve any discomfort and completely safe. It only takes a few minutes to scan a complete denture.

Intra-oral scanning enables to create a 3D virtual image of the teeth. This picture is then used during the course of treatment, as a base model while preparing your prosthetic solutions such as crowns, bridges or dentures on implants.

Advantages of digital impressions:

  • taking impressions is gentle and painless;
  • Shorter treatment time;
  • eliminatesnausea, breathing difficulties and irritations caused by impression materials;
  • less correction and additionalpolishing;
  • precise fit;
  • immediate 3D virtual image ofyour teeth.
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