Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Your eyes and your teeth are the most noticed part of your face. It's no wonder everyone wants sparkling white and not dull yellow teeth; a brilliant smile is an eyecatcher that signals a confident, healthy and attractive individual. Up to the age of about 18 nearly everyone has white teeth. But then age, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and medications begin to dull your teeth, turning them yellow and taking the sparkle out of your smile.

If you don't want to live with that – and who does? - you can choose a whitening treatment. But until recently, tooth whitening was a time-consuming (several weeks in some cases) and complex procedure often with disappointing results.
But WHITEsmile's state-of-the-art technology and the WHITEsmile Professional In-Office kit have eliminated those problems and offer you the very finest, safest and fastest way to a brilliant new smile... bright white teeth you haven't seen since you were 18!


  1. Your whitening treatment begins with a complete check-up of your teeth. Unhealthy teeth need to be treated before commencing the whitening session.
  2. Using a colour guide the dentist determindes the current shade of your teeth.
  3. Then your teeth are quickly cleaned to remove plaque, tartar and other stains.
    The dentist applies the whitening gel directly onto the teeth. (Because Remewhite Gel is perfectly pH (acid/alkaline)) balanced, there is no need protect your gums.
  4. After positioning the whitening tip, all teeth are equally exposed for 20 minutes to the totally harmless and painless plasma light.
  5. The gel is removed and the procedure is repeated twice more.
  6. After the third session the teeth are rinsed and the result is matched with the colour shade guide so you can see the amazing difference between the „before and after”.

Sparkling white teeth and your satisfaction are our goals. Our mission is that you feel happy and gain a renewed sense of confidence with your new smile. We offer you the safest, quickest and most successful system available anywhere. Our proof of true customer satisfaction is the extraordinary enthusiasm from tens of thousands of consumers delighted with their brilliant new smiles.


Frequently asked questions during the tooth bleaching

Is the treatment harmful for the dental enamel?

If the treatment is properly made by an expert, there aren’t any risks.

Will be one surface of the dental enamel eroded during the treatment?

This is a misbelief circling among patients. Of course, there won’t be eroded any surfaces of the enamel. The bleaching material itself enters inward the teeth and takes effect onto the tooth color.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment isn’t painful. In individual cases some sensibility can occur. It means that the teeth can be sensible temporarily onto cold and hot during and 1-2 days after the treatment. To avoid it, do not eat or drink hot and cold dishes for 1-2 days after the treatment. If required, you can use Sensitive Elmex tooth paste.

With how many color grades become my teeth whiter?

It always depends on the individual case. We can reach up to 6-9 color grade improvement. Patients with originally brighter tooth color can calculate with a higher result than people with dark yellow or brownish teeth.

How long does the result hold?

The result’s durability always depends on the individual lifestyle and eating habits. On average the result holds for 1-2 years. By smokers and coffee consumers the result holds shorter, because these discolor the enamel faster. The result can be prolonged with whitening tooth pastes.

Is the bleaching a safe method?

The bleaching made by a specialist under medical circumstances is completely safe. There are many do-it-yourself bleaching methods for home use, however those efficiency and flawless procedure are very disputed. The smallest unprofessionalism can cause serious problems.

Can be aesthetic fillings bleached?

The bleaching always acts for the natural tooth itself. If a tooth has a filling, it has to be remade 1-2 weeks after the bleaching so that it matches the new tooth color.

Can be crowns and bridges bleached?

No, a denture can’t be bleached. In such cases the first step is the bleaching of the own teeth and the matching of the denture’s color to the bleached one.

Is whithening time-consuming?

Not at all. In about 1,5 hours you will experience the real pleasure and confidence that come with a sparkling new smile. Compared to older and more complex methods with a halogen lamp, WHITEsmile's plasma technology dramatically reduces the time required to produce truly amazing results.

Is whithening expensive?

A WHITEsmile treatment is conducted under the supervision of your highly skilled and experienced dentist. It is, without question, the safest and the quickest way to experience the finest tooth whitening available in dentistry today. The costs of a whitening treatment, resulting in a new bright, white smile that looks and makes you feel more confident, is minor compared, for example, to what you spend per year at the hairdresser's or barber.