Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Spa cocoa massageSpa cocoa massage

The Spa cocoa relaxing body treatment provides a really delightful relaxation experience. The main active agent is the theobroma cocoa, which has excellent relaxing and mind-easing qualities. It has also a stimulating effect both on the body and the mind. After the first treatment stress-solving endorphins (happiness hormones) are released already, as a result of this an intensive relaxation can be provided. Depending on the extent of stress strain, 6-10 visits are recommended.

Course of the treatment:
  • Spa body polish.
  • This polishing of the whole body is carried out with a cell-regenerating body peeling, which contains rice parts, grains of salt and sugar.
  • Spa cocoa body pack.
  • The pack is put on the back and the bottom, the patient is wrapped into a warmed thermo blanket, and he or she can relax listening to soft music.
Spa massage oil
  • The massage oil is mixed with tightening body cream, and the treated areas are massaged in gently.
  • Spa tightening skin cream.
  • The treated areas are creamed with tightening and hydrating creams, containing ronoxan and phytotal, which make the skin soft as velvet all day long.
Duration of treatment approx. 60-80 minutes