Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant-Dent LIPO-DETOX body treatmentLIPO-DETOX body treatment




A new method for a perfect body and immaculate skin!

This method increases the blood and lymphatic circulation, it dissolves fat cells, it removes surplus water and roughage from the body (anti-oedema effect), it also improves the regeneration of cells, it strengthens the connective tissue, it slows down the ageing process of the skin and orange skin gets smoother and tighter!

Results after the treatment:

-The fatty layer thickness declines
-The fascia structure improves
-The water retention and the fat storage decline
-The skin becomes younger and tighter

1st step: skin activation
2nd step: Lipo-Detox crème massage, 20 minutes relax under thermo blanket
3rd step: Drainage crème massage