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Diamant-Dent Anesi slimming Anti-Cellulitis treatment with body wrapping Anesi slimming Anti-Cellulitis treatment with body wrapping
Per treatment minus 1-2 centimetre



The treatment: Anesi slimming Anti-Cellulitis body wrapping

This is a revolutionary method with natural active agents! It is a body sculpting and figure shaping body treatment, which restructures the skin tissue, activates the circulation, and as a result of this it has an intensive fat reduction effect.Owing to this the fat share of the cells are reduced, and so the treatment makes you spectacularly slimmer and is also effective against orange skin.

The product contains several natural active agents, which will contribute to the improvement of your skin:

- sea alga
- guarana extracts
- carnitine
- gingko biloba
- A.H.A. concentrate
- bladderwrack
- caffeine

The treatment enhances the skin’s and tissue’s blood circulation, removes fat cells and advances the detoxification.
1. The ampule and creme will be mixed. We massage the guest with this mixture and cellulite massage on the treating body regions (thighs, hips, belly).
2. Winding, the guest relaxes 20 minutes under thermo blanket.
3. Removal of the winding, massage of the treated body regions (ca. 10-20 minutes)

Duration: 50-60 minutes