Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Anti-Hair Loss ProgrammeAnti-Hair Loss Programme

This is a salon-treatment, which has been developed for pathological hair loss.

Possible reasons for hair loss:
- hormonal or genetic problems
- stress, depression, drastic diets
- taking of medicine
- aggressive hair treatments

During the ampoule treatment the skin of the scalp is supplied with multi-active concentrates, which have an effect on the factors causing hair loss. It improves the thickening of the hair. In order to achieve a good result the treatment is recommended as a cure, and the use of the additional products /ANTI HAIR LOSS shampoo, sticking plaster or ampoule/ is recommended as well.

Course of the treatment:
  • The hair is washed with ANTI HAIR LOSS shampoo.
  • An INTRAGEN 5 ml ampoule is massaged into the skin of the scalp.
Duration of the treatment: 15 minutes.