Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Dermal Cleansing Clay ProgrammeDermal Cleansing Clay Programme

This is a deep-cleaning salon-treatment for greasy hair and skin, seborrea, hydroseborrea, or in case of greasy dandruff formation.

Due to the treatment the production of sebum is normalised, the skin regains its natural balance. Your hair remains clean and elastic longer.

Course of the treatment:
  • One layer of the DERMAL CLEANSING CLAY cream is applied onto the dry skin of the scalp.
  • The cream stays on the skin for 5-8 minutes, until it is dry.
  • The product is rinsed out, and the hair is washed with SEBUM BALANCE shampoo.
  • An INSTANT HYDRA BALM pack is used.
Duration of the treatment: 20 minutes.