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Colour Sublime ProgrammeColour Sublime Programme

The new HYDRA CAPTURE System has been developed for dyed and bleached /blond/ hair.

Dyed hair is modified owing to the chemical effect. As a result if this it is more sensitive in connection with extern effects, which can lead to the fading of the colour. Through our treatment the hair is supplied with rice proteins rich in amino acids, so the damages of the cortex are repaired. The combination of the sun filters provide a maximum protection against harmful effects of sun radiation and against UVA/UVB radiation as well. Dyed hair is getting brighter and more sparkling.

Course of the treatment:
  • Hair wash with COLOUR SUBLIME shampoo. In case of blond or dyed hair BLOND SUBLIME shampoo is used.
  • A COLOUR SUBLIME BOOSTER ampoule is massaged into the hair. In case of blond or dyed hair BLOND SUBLIME BOOSTER ampoules are used.
Duration of the treatment: 10-15 minutes.