Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Anti-Hair Loss ProgrammeAnti-Hair Loss Programme

This is a salon-treatment, which has been developed for pathological hair loss.

Dermal Cleansing Clay ProgrammeDermal Cleansing Clay Programme

This is a deep-cleaning salon-treatment for greasy hair and skin, seborrea, hydroseborrea, or in case of greasy dandruff formation.

Purifying Peeling ProgrammePurifying Peeling Programme

This is a skin-renewing, anti-dandruff programme.

S.O.S. Calm ProgrammeS.O.S. Calm Programme

The calming treatment of the skin of the scalp.

Colour Sublime ProgrammeColour Sublime Programme

The new HYDRA CAPTURE System has been developed for dyed and bleached /blond/ hair.

Hydra rescue programmeHydra rescue programme

Dry and weakened hair suffers from lack of hydrolipids.