Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Brasil Cacau's exclusive formula combines rich natural raw material and incorporates the latest brazilian keratin technology. Brazil Cacau reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of your hair and eliminating grizz while providing external protection. The final result is straighter, smoother, incredibly shinier, stronger, frizz free hair.

Who do we recommend it for?

Straightening treatments are an amazing solution for everybody, who want to smooth curly or frizzy hair. You will have a manageable, silky and brilliant finish.

How does it work?

Your hair will be washed with a special shampoo, which helps open the cuticles to make the active ingredients penetrate easier. After the first step we will dry you hair und palm keratin and cocoa.

A combination of heat from the hair dryer and the thermal keratin iron activate the key ingredients, which are infused into the cuticle.

We then use extra hot hair irons to finish sealing the keratin treatment and close cuticles. We section the hair into small segments of about 10 centimetres and iron it straight

As the last step of the treatment we use a special hair masque.

What kind of result can be reached with this treatment?

Our Smoothing system leaves hair totally frizz-free, straighter, softer, shiny and smooth with instant manageability which considerably reduces styling time.

How long does it endure?

Brasilian Cacau provides an amazing and lasting smooth finish that lasts for three to five months.

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