Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant Dent Balance Control treatmentBalance Control treatment
(Treatment for the normalization
of sebum production of combined/oily skin)


Normalises and regulates the production of sebum. It keeps the hydration level in balance, both on dry areas and on areas with seborrhoea. It has a slightly skin-removing effect, it protects against extern pollution and weather influences. The products, which give a matt finish and which are hydrating as well, are suitable for skin with seborrhoea and for combined skin types.


Course of the treatment:

  • Cleansing - Pre Care Vitamin face milk
  • Treatment with tonic - Pre Care Vitamin lotion
  • Peeling - Pre Care mechanical face peeling
  • Softening Massage - Special Care Massage cream
  • Deep cleaning, disinfection - Courtin antiseptic lotion
  • Calming, tightening up pack - Courtin antiseptic mask
  • Ampoules (+ ultrasound) - Special Care E Vitamin
  • Nourishing pack - Balance Control cream mask
  • Finalising cream - Balance Control cream

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes