Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant Dent Repair Complex E - Anti-ageing anti-wrinkle treatmentRepair Complex E - Anti-ageing
anti-wrinkle treatment,
(for older sensitive skin,
which is prone to rosacea)


The plant active agents hydrate the skin, keep it in good condition, heal skin wounds, calm the skin with telangiectasis. Vitamin E, maize, oats and vitamin C ensure an appropriate protection against ageing.


Course of the treatment:

  • Pre Care oxygen face milk and lotion (gentle, but thorough cleaning of the skin, with a product which improves the respiration of the skin)
  • Pre Care Enzyme peeling/mechanical enzyme face peeling  (it removes the devitalized horny tissue cells from the skin surface, refreshes the skin)
  • Special Care ampoules (concentrate of active agents, improves the function of the skin.
  • Massage cream (Hydrates, rich in active agents and in vitamin C and D.)
  • Repair Complex Vitamin E Gel mask Gel mask rich in vitamin C and E, proteins, protects the skin intensively against irritations, dehydration, slows down the ageing process.)
  • Eye Lift eye-wrinkle fill-up firming cream (Makes dark rings disappear under the eyes, smoothes crow’s feet and guarantees a younger appearance)
  • Repair Complex E Vitamin day cream (Gives protection against UV A and B radiation. Contains 4-5% vitamin E, which protects the skin effectively against free radicals.

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes