Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant Dent Strong modellingStrong modelling
(firming  modellage
with a mineral face treatment plaster mask)



The special firming treatment for wrinkles in the area of the eyes and the mouth, which gives the skin a fresh complexion, and makes it firm and elastic again, as a result the ageing process is slowed down!


Course of the treatment:

  • Pre Care oxygen face milk and lotion (gentle, but thorough cleaning of the skin, with a product which improves the respiration of the skin)
  • Pre Care Enzyme peeling/mechanical enzyme face peeling (it removes the devitalized horny tissue cells from the skin surface, refreshes the skin)
  • Special Care Lifting ampoules (With a lifting effect, through the application the skin gets firmer, more elastic, stronger and more hydrated)
  • Q10 Nutri Lift  firming lypo-gel The vitamin complex of the gel revitalizes, firms the skin and makes it much younger. )
  • Q10 Nutri Lift firming care cream for the eyes (Makes the skin around the eyes stronger and more elastic, smoothes crow’s feet.)
  • Special Care Strong modelling mask (Improves the blood circulation, gives the skin a fresh complexion and has a relaxing effect.)
  • Q 10 Nutri Lift firming day cream  (Firms significantly, slows down the ageing process and gives a firmer, younger appearance)
  • Q 10 Nutri Lift firming care cream for the eyes (Makes the skin stronger, more elastic around the eyes, smoothes crow’s feet.)
  • Q 10 Nutri Lift firming mouth contour cream  (guarantees appropriate hydration, gives you fuller and smoother lips, revitalizes the fine skin of the lips.)

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes