Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant Dent BiomatrixBiomatrix - Firming collagen
face treatment
with caviar/aloe


It doesn’t contain any preservatives, aromatic substances or artificial chemical compounds. Within short time a really sensational effect can be achieved. The masks contains 100 % of pure micro-collagen, which gives the collagen fibres a new structure, and makes the skin firmer, stronger and fresher.


Course of the treatment:

  • Pre Care oxygen face milk and lotion (gentle, but thorough cleaning of the skin, with a product which improves the respiration of the skin)
  • Pre Care Enzyme peeling/mechanical enzyme face peeling  (it removes the devitalized horny tissue cells from the skin surface, refreshes the skin)
  • Special Care Lifting ampoules (it has a lifting effect, with the application the skin gets firmer and more elastic and hydrated)
  • Biomatrix Collagen-Caviar/Aloe leaf mask (tightens and make wrinkles disappear spectacularly)
  • Special Care Superior Harmony ampoules (stimulates the metabolism, nourishes the skin)
  • Repair Complex C vitamin gel mask (refreshingly cooling, calming and slow downs ageing process – thanks to vitamin E)
  • Eye Lift eye-wrinkle fill-up firming cream (Makes dark rings disappear under the eyes, smoothes crow’s feet and guarantees a younger appearance)
  • Day cream in accordance with the skin type

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes