Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn


Diamant Dent- SPA luxury treatmentSPA luxury treatment
Caviar Derma Luxury Programme
Caviar Lifting treatment for mature, wrinkled skin



The exclusive caviar complex and the natural bio-peptides stimulate the elasticity of slack skin. The caviar extract, as an amino acid mixture is an excellent bio-energetic constructive active agent, which stimulates the metabolism of the cells, and the restructuring of the skin. It re-establish the optimal hydration of the skin and smoothes it visibly.


Course of the treatment:

  • Pre Care oxygen face milk and lotion (gentle, but thorough cleaning of the skin, with a product which improves the respiration of the skin)
  • Enzyme cleaning powder (it cleans effectively and removes devitalized horny tissue)
  • Caviar lifting ampoules (rich in mineral salts and trace elements, it stimulates the blood circulation)
  • Caviar lifting mask (in an injection) (makes the skin elastic and firm)
  • Caviar Derma  Voncenpt Caviar cream (it stimulates the development of new, healthy cells)

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes