Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Diamant Dent Glycopeeling treatment

Treatment for lumpy, tightness loosed wrinkled skin as well as skin with thick horny layer and wide pores.

Diamant Dent Phyto Cellular therapy

The treatment activates the function of the skin primordial cells. It is antioxidant and regenerating, prohibits the chronological ageing, by what the skin rejuvenates. The skin becomes more resistant against the UV radiation.

Diamant Dent Hydro abrasion

The water will be pulverized by ultrasonic, by what the water drops detach the upper layer of skin. The abrasion is an intensive exfoliation, but it is gentle and purifying.

Mikrodermabráziós kezelésMicrodermabrasion treatment
This is a mechanical procedure for the polishing of the upper, devitalized layer of skin.
The effect of the treatment is visible and perceptible at once.

Diamant Dent Botox treatmentBotox treatment

The botocson-treatment is a treatment which is combined with ultrasound for the elimination of facial wrinkles.

Diamant Dent Couperose treatmentCouperose treatment
(rosacea or permanent telangiectasis)


Spa-teafa-algás kezelésTea-tree-alga Spa-treatment


Treatment for teenagers with tea-tree oilTreatment for teenagers with tea-tree oil
(melaleuca oil)


JPR Men face treatmentJPR Men face treatment


Skin Improvement TreatmentSkin Improvement Treatment
(for sensitive skin which is prone to inflammation)