Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

The use of derma roller encourages the collagen production in the skin. The micro pins open invisible micro canals assuring the intrusion of sterile meso therapy substances.

The treatment is recommended as cure (5 appointments, once per 3-4 weeks). Thereafter there is a healing period of 1 month. The enhancement is visible after 1-2 treatments, the final result is visible 1-2 moths after the cure’s end.

The Derma Roller can be used for:

  • Treatment of acnes, scars and surgery scars
  • Filling of deep wrinkles
  • Treating of strias
  • Treating of atrophy scares
  • Treating of dry hand
  • Treating of stressed skin
  • wrinkles (especially around the lips)
  • treating of enlarged pores
  • skin lifting
  • scares after chicken pox
  • bleaching of marks
Diamant-Dent Beauty Salon - dermaroller