Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

The extension of the capillary vessels of the face may appear at any time in your life. The reason of its occurrence is generally inherited or hormonal, but the unhealthy way of living can also lead to the development of rosacea (telangiectasis).
The product family of DERMA VISION Couperosa contains a grape-pip extract, which improves the flexibility of the vein walls and protects them from fragility.


Kombinierte Regenerationsbehandlung einer massiv irritierten Haut mit flächiger Couperose
Diamant Dent Couperosa

Before the treatment

Diamant Dent Couperosa

After the treatment

The products containing the natural BIO-TRI-KOMPLEX effective agent removes the rubefaction of the skin and assists the strengthening of the vein walls. The treatment combined with ultra-sound, makes the transport of the blood easier and results in the abatement of the redness. Besides these effects it prevents the worsening or the recurrence of the rosacea. The skin gets relaxed and become smooth.