Diamant-Dent Zahnklinik Ungarn

Our Beauty Salon has devoted itself completely to the care of the face and the body: individual make-up, depilation, manicure and nail care, dye of eyebrows and eyelashes...


Diamant-Dent Beauty Salon Team


The main goal of our beauty salon's team is our patients' and guests' external and internal regeneration. For the interest of our aim we offer numerous effective and pleasant treatments applying the newest technologies. Beauty, physical and mental harmony is more important than ever. It is always the first impression that is the most striking, so appearance is becoming more and more important nowadays. Therefore, the main aim set by Diamant Dent's beauty team is to help our guests to unite external and internal beauty, achieve harmony and to restore it by the means of our advice and treatment. We try to make our guests banish everyday life's monotony or worries at least during our treatment, but possibly after it, too.

Our hairdressing salon is wella logo's referencestudio or rather our cosmetic salon is Beauty salon - Lanoche' s referencestudio.


In order to enhance the reputation of our Beauty Saloon we have combined our name with the prestige of the firm Lanéche and it's good reputation in the field of beauty care.


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