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The treatment of nail fungus is mainly important for health reasons to prevent the passage of the disease to other nails. As the nail growth is a slow, monthly process, we should take care for aesthetic issues. If you have to fight deformed or overgrown toenails, you often do not dare to show your feet in sandals. Help can be provided by an artificial nail prosthesis.

Treatment of nail fungus: removal of parts of a diseased nail, cleaning, preparation.

The "GEHWOL" gel has been specially developed for damaged and diseased toenails. The new nail is protected by a special gel against nail fungus. To promote nail growth and natural protection, we recommend using the "GEHWOL med" for nail and skin protection twice a day.

If necessary, we repeat the treatment after 4 - 6 weeks.

In case of a stronger nail fungus, an immediate nail replacement cannot be guaranteed. We can only determine it after the preparation.

During the treatment we should also disinfect the shoes. We can do it with a disinfecting machine in 20 minutes.


Treatment for nail fungus Diamant-Dent Beauty Salon


Treatment for nail fungus Diamant-Dent Beauty Salon